Enrique Alfonseca

Date: Wednesday, February 8 at 2 pm
Place: LORIA, room A008
Speaker: Enrique Alfonseca (Google, Zurich)

Title: Sentence Compression for Conversational Search


In this talk, I will discuss some of the challenges that conversational search faces in providing information to users. Some of them stem from the fact that many questions are answered with snippets from the web, which may not be the most appropriate to be inserted inside conversations. Secondly, I will describe in more  detail the sentence compression and summarization approaches that are running  in production in Google Home for improving the user experience around question answering.

Enrique Alfonseca is a Staff Research Scientist at Google Research Europe, where he manages a team working on language understanding. Over the past ten years, he  has worked at Google in ads quality, search quality and natural language processing, with a current focus on conversational search.