Accepted Papers


Nadjet Bouayad-Agha, Gerard Casamayor and Leo Wanner.

Content selection from an ontology-based knowledge base for the generation of football summaries

Christian Chiarcos. Evaluating Salience Metrics for the Context-Adequate Realization of Discourse Referents
Nina Dethlefs and Heriberto Cuayáhuitl.

Combining Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning and Bayesian Networks for Natural Language Generation in Situated Dialogue

Konstantina Garoufi and Alexander Koller.

Combining symbolic and corpus-based approaches for the generation of successful referring expressions

Albert Gatt and Francois Portet.

If it may have happened before it happened, but not necessarily before

Saad Mahamood and Ehud Reiter.

Generating Affective Natural Language for Parents of Neonatal Infants

Margaret Mitchell, Kees Van Deemter and Ehud Reiter.

An Algorithm for Generating Size Modifiers

Richard Power.

Deriving rhetorical relationships from semantic content

Verena Rieser, Simon Keizer, Oliver Lemon and Xingkun Liu.

Adaptive Information Presentation for Spoken Dialogue Systems: Evaluation with real users

Rahul Sambaraju, Ehud Reiter, Robert Logie, Andy Mckinlay, Chris Mcvittie, Albert Gatt and Cindy Sykes.

What is in a text and what does it do: Qualitative Evaluations of an NLG system – the BT-Nurse – using content analysis and discourse analysis

Advaith Siddharthan.

Text Simplification using Typed Dependencies: A Comparison of the Robustness of Different Generation Strategies

Ielka Van Der Sluis and Saturnino de Luz

A Cross-Linguistic Study on the Production of Multimodal Referring Expressions in Dialogue

Henriette Viethen, Robert Dale and Markus Guhe.

The Impact of Visual Context on the Content of Referring Expressions


Fadi Abu Sheikha and Diana Inkpen.

Generation of Formal and Informal Sentences

Valerio Basile and Johan Bos.

Towards Generating Text from Discourse Representation Structures

Marcel Bollmann.

Adapting SimpleNLG to German

Thomas Bouttaz, Edoardo Pignotti, Chris Mellish and Peter Edwards.

A Policy-Based Approach to Context Dependent Natural Language Generation

Laurence Danlos, Frédéric Meunier and Vanessa Combet.

EasyText : an Operational NLG System

Francois Lareau, Mark Dras and Robert Dale.

Detecting Interesting Event Sequences for Sports Reporting

Alessandro Mazzei.

Building a Generator for Italian Sign Language

Diana Trandabat.

Using semantic roles to improve summaries

Saturnino Luz and Ielka Van Der Sluis

Production of Demonstratives in Dutch, English and Portuguese Dialogues

Andrew Walker, Advaith Siddharthan and Andrew Starkey.

Investigation into Human Preference between Common and Unambiguous Lexical Substitutions

Michael White.

Glue Rules for Robust Chart Realization

Sandra Williams, Allan Third and Richard Power.

Levels of organisation in ontology verbalisation